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What does this imply for where is most of the milky

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Unformatted text preview: tio out to the solar circle (where R~R0) is about M/LB ∼ 3. What does this imply for where is most of the Milky Way’s dark matter resides? 2. A Synthetic l-v diagram: As mentioned in class, we can observe neutral hydrogen (HI) gas throughout the Galaxy since 21-cm radiation is not blocked by interstellar dust. However, unlike stars, we have no easy way to determine distance to a particular HI gas cloud we see, even though measuring the radial velocity is trivial. In the last problem of the last homework, we worked through the problem of computing the expected radial velocity vr and galactic longitude l of a particular gas cloud if it was at a distance R from the galactic center in the direction at galactic azimuth of θ. We used this to generate some l-v diagrams f...
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