B now make a different galaxy model where the

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Unformatted text preview: molecular ring – Page 2 of 4 – around the galactic center, which is not a part of this model. b. Now, make a different galaxy model where the rotation velocity drops as a Keplerian model (r-1/2), this involves changing the .csv file. Explain how you created the .csv file. By this I mean describe how you made the data file from a mathematical point of view, not a technical point of view. c. Using this alternative “Keplerian” model, run the IPython notebook to the end. What changes do you see in the l-v diagram, compared to the “realistic” Milky Way model results? Is it obvious that the Keplerian model doesn’t work at reproducing the observed l-v diagram? Include copies of the images (the IPython notebook does export the final image as a PNG). 3. [C&O 25.4] Neglecting the effects of extinction and the K-correction (which takes into account cosmological redshift changing the bandpass of the emitted light versus...
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