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homework6 - Astronomy 362 Problem Set#5 Due Friday February...

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Astronomy 362 Problem Set #5 Due Friday, February 28 at 12 noon In the homework problems below, “C&O” refers to your textbook. I have selected the problems with the expectation that they will take up to 1 hour of hard thinking/calculating each. If you are taking longer than this, feel free to come by my office to hash out where you are stuck. Note on collaborating: You may work together on this problem set, but all work presented here must be your own. You must clearly acknowledge any people you collaborated with. ASSUMED READING: Please finish C&O Chapters 24 and 25 (Sections 1 and 2) for homework (if you haven’t already). NOTE: For this problem set, unless directed otherwise, please assume the IAU values for Sun’s rotational velocity, Θ 0 = 220 km/s, and galactocentric radius, R 0 = 8.5 kpc. – Page 1 of 4 – BEFORE YOU BEGIN THIS PROBLEM SET! Download the Synthetic_Spectra_Files.zip file. It contains two IPython notebooks (endinging in .ipynb ) and a file containing a description of the model galaxy (ending in .csv ). The initial model galaxy is actually a reasonably accurate model of the Milky Way. A backup copy of this file is provided since you will be changing the galaxy model during this problem set. Unless you are running Anaconda Python, you will likely not have the astropy Python library necessary to run these simulations pre-installed. An easy way to have a compatible environment is to run it online! Create an account on the http:// wakari.io / service (the account is free). This is an online service that lets you run IPython notebooks on their servers! It has the advantage that all the necessary Python libraries are already loaded for you. Upload the IPython notebook files and the galaxy description CSV file onto Wakari and you will be ready to go.
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1. [Variant of Problem 2.19 from Sparke and Gallagher] The Galaxy’s neutral
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