Ipynb and a file containing a description of the

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Unformatted text preview: s (endinging in .ipynb) and a file containing a description of the model galaxy (ending in .csv). The initial model galaxy is actually a reasonably accurate model of the Milky Way. A backup copy of this file is provided since you will be changing the galaxy model during this problem set. Unless you are running Anaconda Python, you will likely not have the astropy Python library necessary to run these simulations pre-installed. An easy way to have a compatible environment is to run it online! Create an account on the http:// wakari.io/ service (the account is free). This is an online service that lets you run IPython notebooks on their servers! It has the advantage that all the necessary Python libraries are already loaded for you. Upload the IPython notebook files and the galaxy description CSV file onto Wakari and you wil...
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