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Unformatted text preview: hole’s “sphere of influence” is about 1”. c. Comment on the source of the asymmetries evident in Fig. 25.37. Recall Fig. 25.13. 3. A major problem in understanding spiral galaxies is in trying to understand the origns of their actual spiral patterns. a. Trying to use plain English, explain the winding problem at the level an intro physics student could understand it. b. Explain how Lin-Shu Density Wave theory provides a possible resolution to the winding problem. Clearly explain how the spiral arms “move” relative to the stars. 4. Examine Mark Whittle’s animation at http://www.astro.virginia.edu/class/whittle/ astr553/Topic06/t6_epicycle_coriolis.html showing how an elliptical motion in an inertial frame can be the same as an epicyclic motion in the frame rotating at the speed...
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