A it is estimated that m31 has approximately 350

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Unformatted text preview: application of the definition of specific frequency of globular clusters, which describes the number of globular clusters per luminosity interval. a. It is estimated that M31 has approximately 350 globular clusters. If its absolute visual magnitude is –21.7, estimate the specific frequency for its clusters. b. NGC3311 is a cD (central dominant) galaxy with an estimated 17,000 globular clusters and an absolute visual magnitude of –22.4. Estimate the specific frequency of clusters in this galaxy. c. cD galaxies are very large “super-elliptical” galaxies that reside at the centers of galaxy clusters. It has been suggested that these monsterous galaxies form via the mergers or already formed spiral galaxies deep in the potential well of the galaxy cluster. Discuss the problem the globular cluster statistics in parts (a) and (b) present for this model. – Page 3 of 3 –...
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