22 from the right frame or the reference line above

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Unformatted text preview: ins the Abstract. 22. From the right-frame (or the reference line above the abstract) one can also request this article’s References, which presents the specific references used in creating the article. Page 6 Prepared September 2, 2009 by Maag Library Youngstown State University Navigating to and Using Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science) What’s In View What to Do 23. Here is the resulting page from selecting References. Note that it is titled Cited References. 24. After reviewing this page, use the browser Back button to return to the previous page. 25. From this page the researcher could also see how many times this article has been cited in the works of others by selecting the hyperlink Times Cited in the row of options or by the right-frame area titled Cited by. This is a good means by which authors can see who is looking at and using their research and is also helpful to researchers because it may lead to further research on the same study or substances or parameters. 26. From this page, use the link just below the title to retrieve the complete article by cl...
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