walker candida albicans in thrush infection of

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Unformatted text preview: azole   Miconazole   Ketoconazole   Terbinafine   Terconazole   kin s rash   tching I www.dentistryiq.com/index/display/articledis... English photomicrographer Spike (M.I.) Walker Candida albicans in thrush infection of vaginal epithelium   iaper D rash foot www.natural-yeast-infection-cures.net/268/thr   ores in or around mouth S   ain or burning in the mouth P   hite patchy lesions on tongue, throat or gums W   aginal discharge, soreness, burning or irritation V   alitosis H www.candidafood.com/candida-photos/   onstipation or diarrhea C   thlete’s A Prevention:   Prophylactic antifungal drug therapy   Proper diabetes care   Limited and careful use of antibiotics   Limited use of steroids   Basic hygiene 2 7/13/11 Candidiasis Case Reports •  64 HIV ­infected women and 76 HIV  uninfected women •  Pa;ents were at least 18 years old, sexually ac;ve, and posi;ve serology for HIV Candidiasis Case Reports •  Candid...
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