Com majority of fungal infections in us caused by

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Unformatted text preview: d • Becomes in distribution Candida Pregnancy orangecountry • Majority of fungal infections in US caused by Candida • Difficult to rid of, penetrates into tissues in pursuit of blood • Commonly infects pregnant women, infants, diabetics • Causes damage when yeast population multiplies, escaping control from resident bacteria competition • More studies are being conducted to find the mode of transfer and prevention infant with thrush 1 7/13/11 Candida Pathogenesis • Few candida sciencemag.or g virulence attributes • Virulence factors are specific for each kind of infection • also for the mode of transfer and measures for preventing the spread of Diagnostics that may be preformed:   icroscopy M   rinalysis U   lood test B   ifferent assays D • Not a single predominant factor, a panel of virulence factors used • Secreted lipase is a major factor, still being studied Clinical...
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