Fungus grows worker ants bring leaf pieces back to

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Unformatted text preview: amp; pollutants •  Thus, lichens are rarely found in polluted environments ReproducUon & Dispersal •  Propaga8on –  In some lichens, fragments break off & are transported by wind or animals –  Isidia – stalk ­like structures produced by some lichens that break off –  Soredia – powdery propagules –  Dispersal of fungal ascospores & reassembly with photosynthe8c partner –  Give up to 90% of photosynthate to fungal partner •  Carbohydrates found in lichens –  Mannitol –  Arabitol –  Ribitol –  Glucose Ecology & Significance •  Lichens can live in a variety of environments –  From tundra to cooled lava flows to tropical forests •  Most significant role of lichens –  Contribu8on to soil forma8on 7 11/23/09 Summary •  Symbio8c associa8ons between fungal, cyanobacterial &/or algal partners •  Can survive in many environments •  Have defined structures •  Have several ways to propagate •  Significant contribu8on to soil forma8on Geosiphon pysiform Geosiphon pysiform •  Unique rela8onship between mycorrhizal and cyanobacteria –  Duel organism •  Discovered in Germany –  1996 •  Belongs to the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) and related fungi Bladders of Geosiphon pyriforme growing on the surface of soil. Courtesy of A. Schuessler Geosiphon pysiform •  Endocytose cyanobacteria –  Leads to a membrane bound symbiosome containing cyanobacteria •  Provides fungus with source of sugar –  Symbio8c •  Cyanobacteria depends on phosphate from fungus –  Mutualis8c Image courtesy of A. Scheussler & M. Kluge, 2001 Fungus/Insect Mutualism •  Several insects have mutalis8c associa8ons with fungi –  Provide the insect with a food...
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