To live freely algal lichen partners about 100 types

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Unformatted text preview: produce chlorophyll •  Remain dependent on mycorrhizal fungus Monotropoid Mycorrhizas •  Three membered symbiosis –  Direct nutri8onal connec8on •  Tree host •  Mycorrhizal fungus •  Parasi8c higher plant –  Radiate into the soil as hyphal networks or mycelial cords •  Form hyphal sheath around roots Summary Lichens Mycorrhizal type Typical host plants Fungi involved Major Significance Arbucular mycorrhizas Many Glomeromycota Phosphorous uptake from soil Ectomycorrhizas Forest trees Basidiomycota, Ascomycota Nitrogen uptake from soil Ericoid mycorrhizas Heathland plants Ascomycota Nitrogen uptake from soil Orchid mycorrhizas Orchids Basidiomycota Fungi supply plant with sugars Monotropoid mycorrhizas Nonphotosynthe8c Basidiomycota plants Plants obtain sugars from ectomycorrhizas •  Lichens – symbio8c associa8ons of fungus & photosynthe8c partner (green alga or cyanobacterium) •  Involve 2 or more partners –  Come together to form dis8nct new organism –  Form long ­term symbio8c rela8onships 5 11/23/09 Lichen Partners •  13,500 to 17,000 species of lichens •  Difficult to name & classify since composed of 2 or more organisms •  Mycobiont – fungal partner –  Usually type of Ascomycota or rarely Basidiomycota •  Photobiont – photosynthe8c partner –  Green alga or cyanobacterium Examples of Lichens Fungal Lichen Partners •  Lichen fungi are very specialized & mainly found only in lichen partnerships •  Few species are found in non ­symbio8c states •  Some species have been grown in lab –  Slow growth –  Lack enzymes needed to live freely Algal Lichen Partners •  About 100 types of green algae are lichen partne...
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