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DB2 Accountants of the World Unite Business Class Bloomberg

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Unformatted text preview: at m ay not suit U .S. firm s or inv estors could be addressed by hav ing a national endorsem ent protocol for new and am ended I FR S, w hich is w hat m ost countries that already follow international standards hav e in http://www.bloomber g .com/news/pr int/2011- 06- 24/accountants- of- the- wor ld- unite- business- class.html 2/3 1/23/2014 Accountants of the Wor ld Unite! : Business Class - Bloomber g place as w ell. From an econom ic perspectiv e, the decision to adopt I FR S in the U .S. inv olv es m ainly a cost-benefit tradeoff of three factors, as I and other contributors hav e argued in a research report for FASB: (1 ) recurring, albeit m odest, com parability benefits for inv estors, (2) recurring future cost sav ings that w ill largely accrue to m ultinational com panies, and (3) one-tim e transition costs borne by all firm s and the U .S. econom y as a w hole. Their net effect depends on how one w eighs the future benefits against the current costs. Moreov er, these factors likely differ across firm s...
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