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S to cooperate in accounting m atters could spill ov

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Unformatted text preview: S. to cooperate in accounting m atters could spill ov er into other areas of global financial regulation w here reform s and international coordination are m uch needed. This could happen not only because accounting num bers are a m ainstay for other financial regulation, but also because the w orld’s reporting conv ergence project is one of the longest and m ost adv anced attem pts to build a global regim e. I f it w ere to fail, it w ould underm ine other efforts to create global standards, for exam ple, in banking or capital-m arket regulation. So w hat is holding the U .S. back? http://www.bloomber g .com/news/pr int/2011- 06- 24/accountants- of- the- wor ld- unite- business- class.html 1/3 1/23/2014 Accountants of the Wor ld Unite! : Business Class - Bloomber g The possibility that the U .S. could giv e up G AAP, w hich Larry Sum m ers called the single-m ost im portant innov ation shaping U .S. capital m arkets, has stirred a heated debate. Y et m any of the argum ents aren't conv incing....
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