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While the sec w ould probably prefer to study the m

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Unformatted text preview: aller benefits. While the SEC w ould probably prefer to study the m atter further, it is tim e to decide. The case in fav or of I FR S is largely political and the U .S. cannot afford to sit on the sidelines of this global effort. (Christian Leuz is a professor of international econom ics, finance and accounting at the U niv ersity of Chicago Booth School of Business and a co-director of its I nitiativ e on G lobal Markets. The opinions expressed are his ow n.) To contact the w riter of this colum n: [email protected] To contact the editor repsponsible for this colum n: Max Berley at m berley @bloom berg.net ®2 0 1 4 B L OOM B E RG L .P . A L L RIGHT S RE S E RV E D. http://www.bloomber g .com/news/pr int/2011- 06- 24/accountants- of- the- wor ld- unite- business- class.html 3/3...
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