DB2- Attestation Update - A&A for CPAs

That will undercut that global and unified thingie s

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Unformatted text preview: of whether IFRS is in place worldwide. That will undercut that global and unified thingie. S ingle reporting system for international companies is one of the major selling points of IFRS . The professor points out this ignores national or statutory reporting for foreign subsidiaries. Regardless of whether or not IFRS is in place, those other reporting requirements won’t go away. S o much for a single reporting system. Companies will continue to have many complex reporting requirements. The professor points out that one argument against IFRS is that they are inferior to GAAP. IFRS allows more discretion and less guidance than GAAP. (That first sentence is an opinion held by many – the second sentence is a statement of fact.) The professor’s counter to this argument is that even if it is true, strong capital markets, S EC regulation, and private securities litigation would provide counter pressure sufficient to prevent any deterioration in reporting. I fear the lack of specific rules in IFRS will encourage the next round of imaginative accounting of whoever will be the next incarnation of Enron. I am not at all persuaded the player in the next fiasco will be dissuaded by the factors cited by the professor. When the hyper aggressive CFO wants to do something inventive and gets into an argument with the audit partner, who is saying it just doesn’t f eel l i k e the particular treatment fits the general spi...
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