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Homework 6 Solution

Cos 1400t t cos 400t cos 600t and 2 cos 1600t problem

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Unformatted text preview: ∅ . cos 1400πt t cos 400πt cos 600πt and ∅ 2 cos 1600πt Problem 4.4.5. Because M f jM f sgn f , the transfer function of a Hilbert transformer → Hf jsgn f For input m t , the spectrum of the output Yt M fHf jM f sgn f jsgn f Mf This shows that the Hilbert transform of m t is m t . To show that the energy of m t and m t are equal , we have ∝ E t ∝ mt ∝ E ∝ m ∝ t dt ∝ |M ∝ f | dt → dt |M f | dt ∝ ∝ |M ∝ f | |sgn f | df ∝ |M ∝ f | df E t...
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