Whitworth's Quick Return Motion Experiment

As shown in the diagram below it contains of three

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Unformatted text preview: As shown in the diagram below it contains of three turning pairs and one sliding pair. In the previous diagram the link 1 is fixed. If we now fix link 2, that is consider an inversion of the slider – crank mechanism we obtain the mechanism below. This is known as Whitworth’s Quick Return. Universiti Tenaga Nasional, 2006 Mechanical Design and CAD Laboratory Whitworth’s Quick Return The above diagram shows the mechanism as used on the apparatus. Link 1 on the top diagram is extended to point A. Attached to point A is another link with a pivot. The other end of this link terminates in a slider. In a machine tool where this mechanism is used the cutting tool is attached to this slider. The link POA rotates about O. The mechanism is driven by crank PC which rotates about C with constant velocity. The slider at P slides along POA as the crank is turned. Its path is shown by the dashed circle, centered on C and through P. Clearly when P is at P1 the slider S is at the outer extremity of its trav...
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