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Whitworth's Quick Return Motion Experiment

To form a mechanism from a kinematics chain one of

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Unformatted text preview: n. To form a mechanism from a kinematics chain one of the links must be fixed. However as any of the links can be fixed, it follows that there are as many mechanisms as there are links in the chain. The technique of obtaining different mechanisms by fixing the various links in turn is known as inversion. Kinematics Pairs The relative motion between two links of a pair can take different forms. Three types of pairs are known as lower pairs and these are the frequently occurring ones:Sliding : such as occurs between a piston and cylinder. Turning : such as occurs with the wheel on an axle. Screw motion : such as occurs between a nut and a bolt. Universiti Tenaga Nasional, 2006 Mechanical Design and CAD Laboratory All other cases are considered to be combinations of sliding and rolling and are called higher pairs. Strictly screw motion is a higher pair as it combines turning and sliding. Slider – Crank Mechanism The slider – crank mechanism is well known as the basis of a reciprocating engine....
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