Whitworth's Quick Return Motion Experiment

When p is at p2 the slider s is at the inner

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Unformatted text preview: el. When P is at P2 the slider S is at the inner extremity of its travel. Now as PC rotates with constant velocity the time taken to go from P1 to P2 is less than that taken to go from P2 to P1. However during both those time intervals the slider S is moving the same distance. Therefore the speed of S is different during the different parts of the cycle. During the shorter time interval P1 to P2 the slider S has the greater speed Universiti Tenaga Nasional, 2006 Mechanical Design and CAD Laboratory and during the interval P2 to P1 it has the slower speed. Thus P1 to P2 is the quick return and P2 to P1 the slower cutting stroke. When applied to a metal cutting machine (a shaping machine) the other advantage of the mechanism is the variable power distribution during the cycle. When S is on the return stroke the slider at P is nearer to O and simple moments shows that the torque applied is low. Hence the return stroke uses less power as P = T.ω. During the cutting stroke the slider at P is at a greater radius from O and thus more power is available to perform useful work in cutting meta...
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