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Unformatted text preview: ct Par t C How fas t in (revolutions per minute) is the arm turning to produc e the max imum s us tained ac c eleration? Hin t 1. How to approach the problem From Part A, y ou k now how fas t the as tronaut is moving linearly in (tangent to the revolving c entrifuge). But what is the dis tanc e that the as tronaut moves in eac h s pin of the c entrifuge? Us ing thes e quantities , how c an y ou determine the des ired rate in revolutions per minute? ANSW ER: = 35.5 Correct Problem 3.83 In a W orld Cup s oc c er matc h, Juan is running due north toward the goal with a s peed of 8.00 the ground. A teammate pas s es the ball to him. The ball has a s peed of 12.4 direc tion of 37.0 eas t of north, relative to the ground. relative to and is moving in a Par t A W hat is the magnitude of the ball's veloc ity relative to Juan? ANSW ER: = 7.70 Correct Par t B W hat is the direc tion of the ball's veloc ity relative to Juan? ANSW ER: = 14.3 north of eas t Correct Exercise 3.33 A c anoe has a veloc ity of 0.50 0.56...
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