Answ er 700 correct exercise 315 ins ide a s tars hip

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Unformatted text preview: .0 Correct Exercise 3.15 Ins ide a s tars hip at res t on the earth, a ball rolls off the top of a horiz ontal table and lands a dis tanc e from the foot of the table. This s tars hip now lands on the unex plored Planet X. The c ommander, Captain Curious , rolls the s ame ball off the s ame table with the s ame initial s peed as on earth and finds that it lands a dis tanc e 2.61 from the foot of the table. Par t A W hat is the ac c eleration due to gravity on Planet X? ANSW ER: = 1.44 Correct Enhanced EOC: Exercise 3.30 At its Ames Res earc h Center, NASA us es its large “20-G” c entrifuge to tes t the effec ts of very large ac c elerations (hypergravity) on tes t pilots and as tronauts . In this devic e, an arm 8.84 long rotates about one end in a horiz ontal plane, and the as tronaut is s trapped in at the other end. Suppos e that he is aligned along the arm with his head at the outermos t end. The max imum s us tained ac c eleration to whic h humans are s ubjec ted in this mac hine is ty pic ally 12.5 . You may w...
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