How to approach this problem w hic h c omponent of

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Unformatted text preview: the initial veloc ity vec tor affec ts the time the projec tile s pends in the air? ANSW ER: The one fired from 60 The one fired from 30 They both s pend the s ame amount of time in the air. Correct The projec tile fired from 60 has a greater vertic al veloc ity than the one fired from 30 , s o it s pends more time in the air. Video Tutor: Ball Fired from Cart on Incline Firs t, launc h the video below. You will be as k ed to us e y our k nowledge of phy s ic s to predic t the outc ome of an ex periment. Then, c los e the video window and ans wer the ques tions at right. You c an watc h the video again at any point. Par t A Cons ider the video demons tration that y ou jus t watc hed. How would the res ult of this ex periment c hange if we replac ed the ball with another one that had half the mas s ? Ignore air res is tanc e. Hin t 1. How to approach this problem The k inematic s of the s ituation in the video are ac tually quite c omplex ; proving that the ball mus t land in the c art would not be eas y . However, given that the ball did land in the c art in th...
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