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Unformatted text preview: and pos itive ions in liquids , eac h of whic h ac t as "c onduc tors " for their free c harges . Par t B If one replac es the c onduc ting c ube with one that has pos itive c harge c arriers , in what direc tion does the induc ed elec tric field point? ANSW ER: Correct The direc tion of the elec tric field s tay s the s ame regardles s of the s ign of the c harges that are free to move in the c onduc tor. Mathematic ally , y ou c an s ee that this mus t be true s inc e the ex pres s ion y ou derived for the elec tric field is independent of . Phy s ic ally , this is bec aus e the forc e due to the magnetic field c hanges s ign as well and c aus es pos itive c harges to move in the direc tion (as oppos ed to pus hing negative c harges in the direc tion). Therefore the res ult is alway s the s ame: pos itive c harges on the c harges on the alway s point in the s ide and negative s ide. Bec aus e the elec tric field goes from pos itive to negative c harges direc tion (given the original direc tions of and will ). Charged Particles Moving in a Magnetic Field Ranking T ask Five equal-mas s partic les (A–E) enter a region of uniform magnetic field direc ted into the page. They follow the trajec tories illus trated in the figure. session.master ing physics.com/myct/assig nmentPr intView?assig nmentID= 2252604 4/19 24 03 2013 HW- 5 Par t A W hic h partic le (if any ) is neutral? Hin t 1. Neutral particles Sinc e the magnitude of the magnetic forc e ac ting on a partic le is given by , a neutral partic le (with ) will not ex perienc e a magnetic forc e. ANSW ER: partic le A partic le B partic le C partic le D partic le E none Correct Par t B W hic h partic le (if any ) is negatively c harged? Hin t 1. F ind the direction of the magnetic force The direc tion of the magnetic forc e is determined by the right-hand rule. W ith the given direc tions for veloc ity and magnetic field, what is the direc tion of the magnetic forc e on a pos itively c harged partic le? ANSW ER: session.master ing physics.com/myct/assig nm...
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