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Unformatted text preview: ing on it, by . However, the fas ter it moves , the larger its c entripetal ac c eleration, by , and therefore the larger the forc e needed to k eep it in its c irc ular path. ANSW ER: session.master ing nmentPr intView?assig nmentID= 2252604 8/19 24 03 2013 HW- 5 Correct Motion of Electrons in a Magnetic Field An elec tron of mas s and c harge vac uum. At the origin, it has veloc ity , where and is moving through a uniform magnetic field in .A s c reen is mounted perpendic ular to the x ax is at a dis tanc e from the origin. Throughout, y ou c an as s ume that the effec t of gravity is negligible. Par t A Firs t, s uppos e . Find the y c oordinate of the point at whic h the elec tron s trik es the s c reen. session.master ing nmentPr intView?assig nmentID= 2252604 9/19 24 03 2013 HW- 5 Ex pre ss your a nsw e r in te rm s of a nd the ve locity com pone nts a nd . Hin t 1. F orces acting on electron There are no forc es ac ting on the elec tron; henc e it will travel in a s traight line with c ons tant veloc ity . Hin t 2. T wo-dimensional kinematics The ratio of the veloc ity c omponents , , is equal to the ratio of the dis tanc es the elec tron travels in the x and the y direc tions until it hits the s c reen, . Solve this equation for . ANSW ER: = Correct Par t B Now s uppos e , and another elec tron is projec ted in the s ame manner. W hic h of the following is the mos t ac c urate qualitative des c ription of the elec tron's motion onc e it enters the region of nonz ero magnetic field? ANSW ER: The elec tron dec elerates before c oming to a halt and turning around while alway s moving along a s traight line. The elec tron's motion will be unaffec ted. (It will c ontinue moving in a s traight line with the s ame c ons tant veloc ity .) The elec tron moves in a c irc le in the xy plane. The elec tron moves along a helic al path about an ax is parallel to the field lines with c ons tant radius and c ons tant veloc ity in the x direc tion. Correct Par t C The motion of the elec tron c an be brok en down into two parts : 1. c ons tant motion in the...
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