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Unformatted text preview: ntroduction a nd , the coe fficie nt of sta tic friction. Hin t 1. F inding the frictional force Rec all that , where is the magnitude of the normal forc e (the weight of the objec t, in this c as e). ANSW ER: = ANSW ER: = Correct Exercise 27.41 session.master ing nmentPr intView?assig nmentID= 2252604 17/19 24 03 2013 HW- 5 A thin, 55.0 long metal bar with mas s 790 res ts on, but is not attac hed to, two metallic s upports in a uniform magnetic field with a magnitude of 0.420 res is tanc e 22.0 , as s hown in the figure . A battery and a res is tor of are c onnec ted in s eries to the s upports . Par t A W hat is the larges t voltage the battery c an have without break ing the c irc uit at the s upports ? ANSW ER: = 737 Correct Par t B The battery voltage has the max imum value c alc ulated in part (a). If the res is tor s uddenly gets partially s hort-c irc uited, dec reas ing its res is tanc e to 3.00 , find the initial ac c eleration of the bar. ANSW ER: = 62.1 Correct Problem 27.64 A c y c lotron partic le ac c elerator (s ometimes c alled an “atom s mas her” in the popular pres s ) is a devic e for ac c elerating c harged partic les , s uc h as elec trons and protons , to s peeds c los e to the s peed of light. The bas ic des ign is quite s imple. The partic le is bent in a c irc ular path by a uniform magnetic field. An elec tric field is puls ed periodic ally to inc reas e the s peed of the partic le. .The larges t c y c lotron in the United States is the Tevatron at Fermilab, near Chic ago, Illinois . It is c alled a Tevatron bec aus e it c an ac c elerate partic les to energies in the TeV range (1.00 = 1.00× 1012 ). Its c irc umferenc e is 6.40 , and it c urrently c an produc e a max imum energy of 2.00 . In a c ertain medic al ex periment on the Tevatron, session.master ing nmentPr intView?assig nmentID= 2252604 18/19 24 03 2013 HW- 5 protons will be ac c elerated to energies of 1.25 and aimed at a tumor to des troy its c ells . Par t A How fas t are thes e protons moving when they hit the tumor? ANSW ER: = 1.55× 107 Correct Par t B How s trong mus t the magnetic field be to bend the protons in the c irc le indic ated? ANSW ER: = 1.59× 10−4 Correct Sc ore Summary : Your s c ore on this as s ignment is 102% . You rec eived 9.18 out of a pos s ible total of 9 points . session.master ing nmentPr intView?assig nmentID= 2252604 19/19...
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