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In ad tion the ma the protein into strong liquid

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Unformatted text preview: anine), tit that possible Produced in Mammalian Cells that the that they e 16% avior similar o is cribed for IRMOF-6. In ad tion, the ma the protein into strong, liquid-crystal fibers is a [ADF-33, ADF-333, and MaSpI(2)] (32) daeisaminoacyl-tRNAdipoolsygofsitns-, epithelial cells t n their crystallinity in the absence of ue Anthoula Lazaris,1* Steven Arcidiacono,2 Yue Huang,1 product of 400 million years of evolution. (Fig. 1) to produce genes that encode proteins as grown teinbyvitroinarencdepleted. demonstra d the co cide e of the XRD Jiang-Feng Zhou,1 Francois Duguay,1 Nathalie Chretien,1 ¸ n of th ih Silk fibers begin to form within the spiders’ Elizabeth of similar size to those found in the spider paettaesrurseAfDehsyenvthHiizsedafnad roafl IDtF-tF-12c– spider silk pro-A. Welsh,2 Jason W. Soares,2 Costas N. Karatzas1 F-3 es e m te iA wMOhosr 3e m d or t e acuat d orm R silk gland from an acidified liquidPcrystallinemajor ampullate silk gland (23). t - i4. Spidedi lks e p ande1n (25 to 50 mg/liter each; corresponr singarto rotein-based “biopolymer” filaments or threads secreted by speRE ORTS ci li ed pithelial l co n a e o ubl ur s gl ti he n ri s alue 6 is es gn appr ac od i form solution ( protein concentration of 30 to Tun o DFe3lfibines ,welloaviheesomantermrary epithelial liesTn2hie tabnigitcy verconorfolthcneddsrieptethedoaiyh) were prramzauceeduencescelpsidas drangclenetrsitlk dis sa lflexeblpr,elcighsoreigohft hibhryofreepxettriaovre 0 li pto 10 a dlli c r ret cspw A c - l ler, as b s tn lid i m io p i ry seq n . S er i ie tw fie it t co e the b r di ry ar e h BHof cells with S ore than mextended 50%) using very small forces followed by alveorlaorf celflisei.mmortalized with large T (MAC- ulation K building blocks intociencenet- 12 g ofnamsttenrgitaland toughness comparable to that of synthetic high-performance Spiders have perfected the process by W can be pu in which specific nditioned cultu fi eeds.a (sio2). “ e dra li i l e p oce AD -3 Mas l I a u i pI of t x o ss i i er drawing in the air after the fiber has left the T) and bthe y hamster ksilknfluid/dope is ) cells, were works rified from coproperties (2002) re mbmraimmea3augchetlltsothbiomigmnce”stihk gernes s(s ofFspi/der SipkI prnoddMcatSon)by ewprepsdng which ab non-Newtonian id ey (BHK 295:472 in ln targeted. o The age of the hollow fiber respccos. W(e pr3duced soluble recombinant (rc)– dragline silk proteins with moleca etier spiders’ body (7 ). The unique mechanical chotransformedxpression filaments at (32). Analysis of sen as e into fine silk systems ambient temperature and with low energy expenular m es o 60 o 0 k o W dem r p References corr 259 properties of the spider silk filaments and an media f37, m) bytusing shear-sensitivetants of ADF-3, 1. months).,and Notes , t1558 (1993). the appearanceooalfssmontfs-sputn fr1o4m a iclodaletntnrs.tedeaqueoonsstolautteidnthe swletbse irnnisnpgidofr siillk A. Stein et al Science ela ed with diture ( ro 39 s able transfec liquid mon fi a l ew onc a us o of o u l c– esk P. Fagan, M. Am. crystalline MaSpII c...
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