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Unformatted text preview: high protein conpro i u J. Solid State ht 48 , 1 (2000). Th; inability to domesticate spiders have driven MaSpI, andsilk secretions, onstructs by Western blot 2. erJ.M.molecD.., Ward, Sci. eig267., 152(1992).r silk protetienns(.ADF-3e60 kilodaltons) under modest shear and coagulation conditions. The 3. O. Yaghi et al lar w Chem spide centration, and low spinning speeds (7 ). It spun fibers were water insoluble with a fine diameter (10 to 40 micrometers) and M. Eddaoudi al., o t276,Res. o319 (2001). numerous attempts to artificially manufacture (32) revealed pthoughtnentthemmunoreactive bands 4. apA. earaet ceAcc.fChem. s 57534, tein “ladder” whisitpd oobahness and modulus values comparable to those of native dragline was previously romi that i silk protein 5. V. pRussell n al., Science hi pr(1997). et exab e r t ug 6. Y. H. Kiang et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 121, 8204 (1999). the primary factor s ln s t w h o b.lyHdsune, Rt.oobtsenr, minahteim. nc.e1rrors2 of proteiiks buyntithel-wer tenacity. Dope solutions with rc– silk protein concentrations spider dragline silks for industrial and mediof sequence would bebreak (J/kg) deter2) the expected molecular size (Fig. 2A, lanes 1, 7. B F. o ki s R o J. Am. C o So 11, 596 Material Strength (N/m Energy to mining fiber properties. We spun fibers from 20% and postspinning draw were necessary to achieve improved mechanical 19 n t et of t cal applications. Recombinant (rc)– spider 2, and(ADF-3) iof .the B, proteins 1). To explore the 8. s(F.is8.9).TranFerey,tJ. onalChem. u,sing, resultingprioperhies eroh-e spun fibers. Fiber properties correlated with finer fiber diameter one 5; F g 2two lane present in Serpaggi, G. sla i Mater. pa 8 2749 (1998). ´ H. al., , Dragline silk in bacteria 9 reladraglinebetw1ex 105dermass k 60rkDein size and 9. geLi et ouNaturer402e276 (1999). ression, has beend rncpeased direfringence. 1 x 10 silk with a molecular of an i e r orte b ne s adjective, defined in silk proteins have been produced tion e n spi sil p ot 10. “Reticular” is anp ot in exp Random House (1) and mechanical properties approaching iWebster netlike.” ipes (16,as22as “having the . morevolutionary survival of spiders has been glands, each producing silk with different n net; Unabridged Dictionary “having the form The i (34). and yeast systems with limited success4(x 109 mechanof al p3 x ertdraglinefsilk. un fibers, we first 18– those ic nativerop 10es o sp This respider i4 Kevlar of a N. clavIsoreticular is defined ) and B network topology.” sult raises tightly linked d c ld tio 1– ). Orb-web production, and Dragline silk, used as and functions (4– ). 22). The highly repetitive structure and xthe 6 evaluasecondthe questiony4of the mammalian epithe- 11. sameADF-3 formulatedeas ovO(Link) (DEF) m conofisilksn(eto3theudiversity,spinning spiders mechanical properties the safety line and6as ted the 8bi10 the contributionthe a x lit of or MaSpI, to of All IRMOFs were was r c Zn ered fro . the protein, A...
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