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Unformatted text preview: assignments – that is how we learn. This is why you are given multiple opportunities to answer quiz questions and a second chance on complex clicker questions. Do keep in mind however that exams will be graded based solely on accuracy. After Class You will also be provided with a list of Learning Objectives for each chapter on one of the content pages in Canvas. Homework (HW) and end- of- chapter (EOC) questions may be listed with a specific objective – to note how you can self- assess how well you have learned that topic. Please note that these Learning Objectives – with only slight modifications – are included in the Study Guides that were incorporated as a part of the custom edition of the text. If after the class period there are still concepts that are confusing to you – I encourage you to come to office hours (mine or TAs) or use Piazza. We will be monitoring Piazza – but your classmates may well provide the answers you need. No one needs to suffer in silence! If you have a question – ask it! You will also finish homework assignments after class – as well as continue your study and preparation for exams. I hope you can see that by investing your time according to the course outline – you will be spending no more time on learning the material than you would by the more traditional method. In fact, you may find you spend less time – or at least you’ll find that the time invested is more profitable in terms of learning outcomes and goals. Option Out If you do NOT wish to participate in the flipped classroom model – you can elect not to complete the Learning Modules and Pre- class assignments. If you choose this option, your exams (you still get one drop) will count 70% of your grade. Note that you must still complete the in- class assignments. Any student who does not complete at least 60% of the pre- class assignments (Learning Modules and WileyPLUS assignments) will be automatically optioned out of the flipped model. If you want more information on the flipped model, check these out: A. Fagen, C. Crouch, and E. Mazur, Peer instruction: Results from a range of classrooms, Phys. Teach. 40 (4), 206 (2002). E. Mazur, Peer Instruction: A User’s Manual (Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, 1997), pp. 253. M. Smith, W. Wood, W. Adams, C. Wieman, J. Knight,...
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