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Unformatted text preview: em in the module you will complete a short quiz on the video content, comprised of 7 multiple- choice questions. These questions will assess your understanding of the material and will also provide me with feedback on potential problem areas. You must correctly answer 4 of the 7 questions in order to receive credit for the quiz. The learning module, including watching the videos and completing the quiz, will be due one hour before class. This allows me to review quiz results in order to address problem areas at the start of the next lecture period. You will also complete a short survey each week composed of two questions: 1) to provide feedback on any concept or portion of the material that was still confusing to you; and 2) to indicate the subjects areas you found most interesting and why. Your response to these questions will guide the first portion of the next class period. In this way, I hope to address any outstanding questions you might have. These surveys are graded based solely on completion, but in order to receive credit for the surveys you MUST include a short, substantive answer for each question. Responses such as “Nothing,” or “Everything,” or “N/A” will NOT be given credit. This is your chance to let your voice be heard – because I read every single one of them! During Class The class period will be used primarily for problem solving. I will utilize the first 10- 15 minutes of class to address any outstanding questions from the surveys – focusing on the most common questions. The next portion of class will be devoted to a short i>clicker quiz on the material of the assigned learning module for the day. This will be our chance to lay down an understanding of the principles and concepts that will guide our work on the more challenging problems that follow. In the next section of the period we will engage ourselves in solving more complex questions and problems. I will pose the question and give you a brief period of time (1- 2 minutes) to engage collaboratively with other students in order to answer the question or solve the problem. You will then be given a chance to use your i>clicker device or phone to record your answer. If the results indicate that a high percentage of students got the correct answer – I will simply confirm the correct answer...
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