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In this case it is the second response that will be

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Unformatted text preview: live. My purpose in adopting this approach is to achieve the three goals stated above. I trust you will see that you can become an independent learner, find biochemistry enjoyable, and actually understand the subject in a more meaningful way. Before Class Almost every class meeting will be focused around a central theme – though there will be sub- topics associated with the general theme. To prepare for a class period, you will be given an assignment associated with a Learning Module. You will follow the assigned learning module and watch the embedded video content. Reading the associated pages in your text is ESSENTIAL to understanding the video content and assimilating the information. If you skip this step prior to watching the videos – it will take you MUCH longer to get through them. Among the video resources you’ll be given are videos from a playlist of YouTube videos I have created just for this course. Video lessons are meant to focus on a single topic and will generally be no more than 5- 6 minutes in length. Due to the complexity of a given topic, the video could be as long as 10 minutes – though this will be the exception rather than the rule. A key benefit to this approach is that you can watch the videos as many times as you like – and pause or rewind them when you need to. It also divides the subjects into more bite- sized portions – a key factor in assimilating and processing the information. Although all of the content for the course is contained in these videos – not all of them are assigned as part of the learning modules. This is intended to keep the pre- class work more time manageable – though you are responsible for the information contained in ALL of the videos. REMEMBER: you don’t have to watch all of the videos of the learning module in one sitting. This is another benefit of having short videos – 5 Revised 1/4/2014 CH369: Fundamentals of Biochemistry Spring 2014 Unique #53050: TTh at 8:00- 9:30 am in WEL 1.316 you can watch one at a time and more easily fit them into your study schedule. If you only have a 15- minute window of time, you can watch at least one video – provided you have already read the text. As the last it...
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