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Unformatted text preview: outlined above. You will have pre- class assignments that will briefly test your understanding of the background material and in- class activities that will enable you to apply the knowledge gained by solving application problems. There will also be collaborative study sessions led by PLUS preceptors – discussed later in this document. These should enable you to achieve a deeper understanding of the material than you would otherwise be able to attain. An outline of these procedures follows. 3 Revised 1/4/2014 CH369: Fundamentals of Biochemistry Spring 2014 Unique #53050: TTh at 8:00- 9:30 am in WEL 1.316 III. General Course Format and Procedures: I have three main goals as the instructor for CH 369: 1) Help students learn to become independent learners 2) Help students learn to enjoy rather than dread biochemistry (yes – it’s possible!) 3) Help students learn to think like a biochemist As toddlers we learned our native language without formal instructions – we just assimilated it from our background influences. In fact, we all learn things every day without sitting in a classroom, though we often make use of printed or online resources to educate ourselves. Learning new things on your own initiative and without formal instruction in a classroom setting is as natural to humans as breathing – we do so constantly without giving it a second thought. In facts, this is one of the things that make us human – we assimilate information and grow our brains as a natural consequence of living out our lives. Somehow as we mature – we forget that we have this capacity and may begin to think of our intelligence as something that is fixed rather than dynamic. In this view, we are what we are and there’s nothing we can do about it. We took an IQ test, didn’t we? Doesn’t that mean I have a certain level of intelligence and that it can’t change? Let me give you a more specific example. The prerequisites for this course mean that you have taken general chemistry and at least one semester of organic chemistry. You’ve probably also taken some physics courses and may have also taken some biology courses. At this point – you may already have defined yourself as someone who “loves chemistry” or “hates physics” or maybe...
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