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Students are encouraged to study together and to

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Unformatted text preview: de practice in working through example problems. Many of these will be similar to exam questions. Homework assignments are due by 11:55 pm of the given date. Please be careful to note the due dates for each assignment. These may be found on the Assignments page in Canvas. Because there are multiple opportunities to earn credit for homework assignments, late submissions will NOT be allowed. Each homework assignment is worth 10 points – regardless of the number of questions included. I will drop your 3 lowest scores and this will be weighted as 15% of your final grade in the course. Our in- class work should greatly facilitate completion of these assignments. e) Four mid- term exams (100 points each) will be given, and the lowest exam score will be dropped. All exams will be composed entirely of multiple- choice questions. No make up exams will be given for interviews, weddings, or personal events of any kind. In the case of a documented illness, a make up exam may be considered. (See Section 7 for Exam Rules.) Exams will be weighted as 40% of your grade in the course. f) The comprehensive final will be worth 140 points. The date of the final is indicated on the course schedule – so be sure to check your calendars NOW for any conflicts. There will be no early finals due to interviews, weddings, early flights, etc. You may need to drop the class if you cannot take the final – but check with Dr. G first. The final will be weighted as 20% of your grade in the course. 6. Extra credit Several opportunities will be given to earn extra credit points, up to a maximum of 10 points, as follows: a) Students who complete the Introduction to Sapling Learning BY January 26, 2014 will receive 1 extra credit point. Please be advised that no credit will be given for completing the exercise AFTER that date. b) In an effort to encourage participation in the PLUS program (see Section 1 under Heading VI below), an extra credit opportunity will be offered to each attendee. Quizzes will be available in Canvas that will consist of 5 multiple- choice questions related to the topics of the PLUS study sessions for the week. There will be no quizzes scheduled during exam weeks. Each question will be valued at 0.2 points for a total of 1 point of extra credit for each quiz. You may take as many of these quizzes as you like, but keep in mind that there is a maximum number of extra credit points that can be accumulated (see item 6e below). Quizzes will open after the end of a given study session and will remain open for 2 hours. (Dates and timing of quizzes will be posted after the PLUS schedule has been determined.) Quizzes will be password- protected and the password will be announced at the end of the study session. Please note that the passwords will differ depending on the study session (e.g. the Tue PW will differ from the Wed PW). The intent is to ensure that students actually attend the study session before taking the quiz. The quiz schedule will be...
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