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Unformatted text preview: w well they are coping in the course. • Evaluating quality: Evaluating existing questions incorporates higher- order cognitive skills, requiring a student to consider not only the content, but what makes a particular question more effective than other questions. This is an exciting new interactive tool to help students more readily reach an understanding of more difficult concepts. Students author multiple- choice questions on any topic of interest and then save it to the course repository anonymously. Once saved to the repository, any student may attempt to answer the question and will be given immediate feedback on his/her submission – with a chance to also rate the value of the question and submit a comment to the author. Authors of questions are encouraged to view comments periodically and perhaps refine a question as need be. As students participate, they will see a score displayed on the top right hand corner of the Main Menu – based on their question authoring, their answering, and their participation in rating questions. Over time, PeerWise awards “badges” for participation – including Basic badges that are easy to earn but only once, Standard badges that are slightly more difficult to earn but may be earned more than once, and Elite badges that are yet more difficult to earn (e.g. the Einstein badge). This makes the learning environment somewhat competitive (though still anonymous) – and for that reason more fun and even addictive. It has well been said that one never learns a subject so well as when he/she seeks to teach it to others. This is an excellent environment in which to apply that very principle. It should also be an excellent study tool for exams. An account has been set up for CH 369 and login information is provided on the External Links page in Canvas. Students are encouraged to view the listed screencasts ( in order to better understand how to use this FREE tool. Please note that the instructor will monitor activity so that inappropriate questions can be deleted. We may be using this tool as an exercise in class and there are also extra credit opportunities for its use (see Section 6c below). Please note that you will not be able to set up an account until I have uploaded the...
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