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Unformatted text preview: and move to the next question. If a sizable percentage of students did NOT get the correct answer – you will be given another brief period of time to collaborate. You will then be given a second chance to record your answer. In this case, it is the second response that will be graded. I will then confirm the correct answer and include a short explanation. I may also ask for a student to volunteer his or her solution (see Section 6e below regarding extra credit opportunities). During this collaborative learning period, our course TAs and I will circulate – in order to personally address your questions as you work through the problems. In order for this to be effective – it’s important that everyone be engaged in the work. For this reason, TAs will be more proactive in their efforts to facilitate collaborative engagement in class. This means that if a student seems off- task (web surfing, texting, reading, etc.) – the TAs will try to prompt that student to re- engage in class activities. In order for this to work – you MUST have your clicker or phone ready at all times. You will only have 30 seconds to record your responses – so make sure you’re ready to go! This means that you MUST have a functioning i>clicker (or phone) and it MUST be set to the correct frequency. Your class assignment grade will be based partly on participation and partly on correctness. These learning sessions should greatly facilitate your understanding of the material and completion of the homework assignments. More importantly – they have the potential to significantly improve your exam scores. 6 Revised 1/4/2014 CH369: Fundamentals of Biochemistry Spring 2014 Unique #53050: TTh at 8:00- 9:30 am in WEL 1.316 Some of our class work may also include short demos on selected topics. Please note that all of these activities – both those before and during the class period – are graded based on both COMPLETION and CORRECTNESS. Experience has unmistakably proven that both components are needful in order to foster an environment for learning. However, don’t we often learn HOW to do find a solution by first discovering how NOT to find it? I want you all to appreciate the fact that it’s OK to make mistakes on these...
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