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Unformatted text preview: if it is completed prior to the scheduled due date. Answers such as “nothing,” or “everything,” or “n/a” will receive no credit. It need not be a lengthy response – “short and sweet” is fine. This will provide me with feedback so that I can respond to potential problem areas before the exam. These surveys will always be due by midnight on the Sunday following the assigned Learning Modules. This gives me the chance to review survey results before the start of classes on Monday. There are 15 weeks of classes and therefore 15 Learning Module (LM) Surveys – each worth 5 points. LM Surveys are due by midnight each Sunday. I will drop your 3 lowest scores and these will be weighted as 5% of your final grade in the course. c) There will also be in- class assignments associated with each class period. I will open each day with a short review of the target material for the day. The rest of the period will be used for i>clicker quizzes or worksheets to be completed individually and/or in groups. We may also use the time for demos or other activities that will help facilitate collaborative learning. Remember – we are devoting this time to helping you STUDY FOR EXAMS in a collaborative way. – so don’t miss out on this opportunity! There are 26 scheduled class periods and therefore 26 class assignments. Each of these will be worth 10 points – regardless of content. I will drop your 5 lowest scores and this will be weighted as 10% of your final grade in the course. Please keep in mind, however, that “clicking in” for someone else is a violation of academic integrity and will be dealt 11 Revised 1/4/2014 CH369: Fundamentals of Biochemistry Spring 2014 Unique #53050: TTh at 8:00- 9:30 am in WEL 1.316 with accordingly. Students who forget their i>clickers will NOT be given credit for attendance – otherwise the effect is lost. d) Graded homework for each chapter will be assigned through Sapling Learning. There are 14 homework assignments to include questions from each of the 22 chapters in the text. My goal is to cover most or all of the material in lecture prior to the assignment due date. The homework assignments will help to assess your understanding of the chapter material, as well as provi...
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