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charging the trna o to what does this refer o

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Unformatted text preview: Know which loop contains the anticodon • Understand the principle of isoacceptor tRNAs o What principle of the genetic code makes them possible o Can bind multiple codons (how?) • Charging the tRNA o To what does this refer o Understand the process of how this occurs §༊ What makes this thermodynamically irreversible o Know the class of enzymes and the type of bond formed o Know the orientation of the amino acid as it is attached (N or C end?) o There are only 20 AARS but more than 20 tRNAs – how is this possible? o How do these enzymes ensure proper charging of tRNA with cognate amino acid? 22- 2: • Ribosome structure o Know the general differences between large and small subunits o Know the number of rRNA molecules in each o Know t...
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