22 3 protein synthesis o know the steps and components

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Unformatted text preview: hat each subunit contains both RNA and protein and that the RNA molecules occupy the greatest volume of the ribosomal subunit o You do NOT need to know the specific size of each rRNA molecule nor the number of protein components o Know that the RNA has a distinct 2D and 3D shape o Know that the full ribosome has 3 binding sites and what these are §༊ How does the mRNA accommodate the size of 2 tRNAs side- by- side? 22- 3: • Protein synthesis o Know the steps and components of translation as illustrated in the animation included in the lecture slides o Know the initiator codon and how the first amino acid incorporated differes in prokaryotes and eukaryotes o Know how initiation differs in prokaryotes and eukaryotes §༊ Prokaryotes: small ribosome...
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