17 2 fatty acid synthesis o know where this occurs o

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Unformatted text preview: CoA §༊ Know that some of steps are part of TCA cycle • Know that it goes from succinyl- CoA à༎ malate • Do NOT need to know individual steps o Know that the product of β- oxidation is acetyl- CoA that it can feed into TCA cycle o Know how to calculate ATP yield based on number of C atoms in FA o Know where β- oxidation takes place §༊ Mitochondria §༊ Peroxisomes • How does oxidation differ in this organelle? 17- 2: • Fatty acid synthesis o Know where this occurs o Know the cofactor used (ACP) and that it resembles CoA §༊ Both have sulfhydryl o Know the differences between fatty acid anabolism and catabolism §༊ Different cofactors §༊ Different electron acceptor/donors §༊ Different ATP cost o Know how acetyl- CoA is transported into...
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