Is regulated ketogenesis o know that 3 acetyl coas

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Unformatted text preview: cytosol 1 CH369: Learning Outcomes o Know the name of the enzyme that catalyzes the first step in FA synthesis and its product o Know that fatty acid synthase is one protein with 7 catalytic functions §༊ Do NOT need to know details of structure and domains §༊ Know the benefits of this o Know where the first 2 substrates are loaded and the direction of transfer of one substrate onto the second (cys site à༎ ACP site) §༊ Both substrates have thioester link o Know final product of pathway (palmitate) o Know the cost of fatty acid synthesis of palmitate o Know general principles of how FA chains are elongated and desaturated o Know how fatty acid synthesis is regulated • Ketogenesis o Know that 3 acetyl- CoAs are combined to form HMG- CoA o Know the 2 types of ketone bodies o Know that acetone is a non- enzymatic by- product 17- 3: • TAG synthesis o Know that F...
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