Binds amine group transferred from plp to keto acid

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Unformatted text preview: hod for moving amine groups §༊ Know the general reaction §༊ Know the cofactor required and why §༊ Know the GENERAL steps of the mechanism • Amine donor binds 1st • Amine group transferred to PLP and keto acid product released • Keto acid substrate (amine acceptor) binds • Amine group transferred from PLP to keto acid • Amino acid product released 18- 2: • Amino acid biosynthesis o Know why some are essential o Know precursors of nonessentials §༊ Transaminations • Pyruvate à༎ Ala • Oxaloacetate à༎ Asp • α- ketoglutarate à༎ Glu • Asp à༎ Asn • Glu à༎ Gln §༊ Others • Ser à༎ Gly • Glu à༎ Arg • Glu à༎ Pro • 3- phosphoglycerate à༎ Ser §༊ From essentials • Met à༎ Homocysteine + Ser à༎ Cys • Phe à...
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