O cellular protein broken down only under conditions

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Unformatted text preview: acids converted to glucose and stored as glycogen §༊ Can also be converted to fatty acids and stored as fat • Know the general principles of mobilization of stored fuels o Phosphorolysis of glycogen o Lipases release fatty acids o Why are fats the last energy reserve to be tapped? o Cellular protein broken down only under conditions of starvation • Know the two mechanisms of protein degradation and why they’re a normal cellular function o Lysosome o Proteasome o Know how these two mechanisms work 12- 2: • Know the general principles of metabolic pathways o Multiple steps – multiple chemical reactions – usually different enzyme for each step o Benefits of multi- step pathways o Know the 3 key players in glycolysis and many other pathways §༊ Gly- 3- P, pyruvate, acetyl- CoA §༊ Will need to know their structures • Know the principles of redox reactions and how to determine if a C compound has been oxidized or reduced • Know the different types of electron carriers o K...
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