Relative affinities p50 of hb for o2 in tissues vs

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Unformatted text preview: structure comparisons • Know general significance of invariant residues, conservative substitutions and variable residues • Know how O2 binding by Hb compares to that of Mb o Sigmoidal binding – indicates cooperativity and allostery o Relative affinities (p50) of Hb for O2 in tissues vs. lungs and how this is beneficial for O2 delivery to tissues • Know structural changes that occur when Hb binds O2 o Fe2+ pulled into plane of ring o His F8 pulled by toward heme ring o Changes in subunit interactions §༊ His on β chain shifts between 2 Thr residues of α chain o Shifts from T to R state • Know principle of equilibrium between T and R state and how this relates to binding • Know the Bohr effect and is relation to binding of O2...
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