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3 2 understand principles of central dogma and

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Unformatted text preview: RNA o Not double- stranded o Can form intramolecular base pairs • Types of RNA and their functions • How DNA is melted and major factor for determining melting temperature o Know how to determine Tm from temperature titration o What happens if DNA cooled too rapidly? 3- 2: • Understand principles of Central Dogma and relationship between replication, transcription, and translation • Be able to read the genetic code (this will be provided, if needed) o Understand principle of third base wobble • Understand which strand is classified as the coding and which the template strand and why o Know how to determine the sequence of a complementary strand from a given strand of DNA; know how to determine the sequence of the mRNA from the sequence of the coding strand of the DNA 3- 3: • Understand the difference between the number of genes and the amount of DNA in a genome o Understand how these r...
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