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What determines the nature of their association in an

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Unformatted text preview: Understand concept of dielectric constant o Measure of polarity 2- 2: • Understand the principles of the hydrophobic effect o Based mainly on changes in entropy o How this drives spontaneous associations based on polarity o How lipids can associate as micelles or membranes and what determines the nature of their association in an aqueous environment o Benefits of lipid associations into membranes o What types of molecules can pass thru the lipid bilayer 2- 3: • Movement of protons in water • Principles of spontaneous dissociation of water o Ionization constant of water • Be able to use ionization constant of water to determine concentration of either H+ or OH- • Understand principles of pH scale and how to determine pH from [H+] and vice versa • Understand concept of acid dissociation constant and pK value o pH at which group is ½ ionized o Be able to calculate pKa from Ka and vice versa • Be able to recognize a we...
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