Some genes contain no introns while others contain

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Unformatted text preview: oined. • This is needed for the typical eukaryo4c messenger RNA before it can be used to produce a correct protein through transla4on. • Some genes contain no introns while others contain numerous introns; • Commonly, introns are 40 ­150 nt long; There is a minimum size for an intron (~20 nt) which is dictated by the ability of the splicing machinery to assemble on the intron. • In contrast to introns, exons are generally short and have a fairly narrow size distribu4on of 50 ­300 nt. Discovery of Intron Philip Sharp Splicesome Splicing: two transesterifica4on reac4ons •  SR proteins:  ­ contain RRM RNA ­binding domain  ­ interact with ESE (exonic splicing enhancer) CTD s4mulates splicing of internal exons Kornblih^ et al., 2004, RNA 10:1489...
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