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27 a connecon between wnt signaling and hox genes hox

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Unformatted text preview: nds Securin to the proteasome for [email protected] Securin was [email protected] separase. With [email protected] of Securin, Separase degrades Cohensin. Cohesin was binding sister [email protected] together. With [email protected] of Cohesin, sister [email protected] can separate and Anaphase can proceed. Metaphase Anaphase 22 WNT – relief from [email protected] 1. Wnt binds to Frizzled 2. Frizzled can then [email protected] Disheveled 3. Disheveled inhibits GSK3 4. GSK3 normally inhibits β- catenin by [email protected] proteasomic [email protected]; that is prevented when GSK3 is degraded 5. β- catenin can then travel to nucleus and promote [email protected] “cannonical” 23 WNT pathway in growth signaling and cancer 24 Effect of DES diethyls)lbestrol or DES Estrogen mimic, thought to ease pregnancy and prevent miscarriage, 1947- 71 Teratogen – agents that cause abnormal embryonic development Boundary between oviduct and uterus is lost, defects in cervical canal Massachussets General Hospital, 1960s 25 [email protected] - - Similar Defects in WNT mutants one month old mouse uterus epithelium WT Columnar epithelium Stroma Glands Compact layer of smooth muscle DES Wnt7a mutant Stratefied epithelium Reduced stroma Reduced glands Disorganized smooth muscle 26 David Sassoon, 1998, Mount Sinai Medical School WNT What was Wnt signaling doing to cause such defects? ? 27 A [email protected] between WNT signaling and HOX genes HOX genes are major developmental regulators involved in many aspects of development 28 WNT HOX? 29 DES effects on Hoxa10 control In situ [email protected] of Hoxa10 DES treatment DES treated and Hoxa10 mutant mice have defects in ovidu...
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