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49 brief break 50 51 gravitropism turning or movement

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Unformatted text preview: dize probe to @ssue Each cell that contains mRNA of interest will stain blue 38 Intriguing Expression Pa;ern Unpaired in Drosophila plays the same role as [email protected] in vertebrates What is the possible role of Upd? How would you test it? Hub cell Tulina and Matunis (2001) 39 GFP markers of cell [email protected] Gene x in situ [email protected] Regulatory region of gene x GFP DNA organism (transgenics) Why might it not match the in- situ [email protected]? Upd [email protected] WT Upd mutant Germ line stem cell marker Hub cell marker spermatogonia marker Does unpaired work cell autonomously or non- cell autonomously? 41 Evidence of [email protected] •  Necessary – the gene is required for a [email protected] [email protected] Loss of [email protected] •  Sufficient – the gene alone is sufficient to impart a [email protected] [email protected] Gain of [email protected] 42 What happens with too much Upd signaling? morphological markers Upd ectopic overexpression WT A DNA stain marks stem cells and spermat- ogonia “ectopic” - - in a [email protected] where the [email protected] is not normally found Spermat- ocytes are weakly staining Hub Branched fusome spermatogonia Spherical fusome – stem cell marker 43 Tulina and Matunis 2001 JAK- STAT pathway in Drosophila Testes Hub cell Upd Unpaired (Upd) Hopscotch (Hop) Stem cell Stat92E [email protected] stem cell [email protected] program 44 •  Juxtacrine signaling 45 Juxtacrine Signaling in Vulval Development in Caenorhabditis elegans 3º 2º 1º 2º 3º 46 Private [email protected] in Development I am primary fate. You are not! Okay, I hear you. Commonly called lateral [email protected] 47 Delta- Notch – private line of [email protected] P6.p P5.p 1.  Notch binds Delta on an adjacent cell 2.  ADAM10 cleaves N...
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