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Cullin skp f box degradaon domains i ii iii relave

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Unformatted text preview: otch on the outside of cell 3.  The intracellular fragment of Notch is released to the cytoplasm 4.  Notch interacts with [email protected] factors in the nucleus to mediate [email protected] 48 What are some general [email protected] you can extract from these different signaling pathways? •  •  •  •  Signal starts from outside the cell Signal ends in the nucleus Signal typically involves many steps Typically relies on repressing a repressor •  What could be the role of having many steps? 49 Brief break 50 51 •  Gravitropism – turning or movement in response to gravity 52 Major plant hormones Cytokinin – cell division, shoot meristem [email protected] Gibberellic Acid –seed dormancy, flowering, growth Jasmonic Acid – pathogen defense responses and stamen development Ethylene – defense responses, fruit ripening Brassinosteroids – Light induced developmental changes Salicylic Acid – pathogen response Auxin – bending to light and gravity (tropisms) and many developmental responses 53 Auxin Signaling tryptophan auxin vascular development gravitropism cell fate specifi[email protected] lateral root [email protected] organogenesis cell [email protected] – in the root, it inhibits cell [email protected] •  stem cell specifi[email protected] •  •  •  •  •  •  54 Big [email protected]: What Are the Mechanisms of Auxin Signal [email protected] auxin ? Auxin Responses 55 • Auxin mediated phenomena such as bending toward gravity involve massive developmental changes that require the [email protected] of suites of genes. What kinds of proteins do you think are involved? 56 Environmental or developmental signal [email protected]@on [email protected]@on [email protected] Factor 57 Auxin [email protected] & Response the last step [email protected] factor Auxin responses Auxin Response Factors (ARFs) There are 23 in Arabidopsis 58 Auxin [email protected] & Response •  ARFS ([email protected] factors) bind to DNA to induce [email protected] •  ARFs appear to be [email protected]@vely expressed in specific cells •  AUX/IAAs repress ARFs by binding directly to them AUX/IAA blocked X Auxin responses Auxin Response Factors (ARFs) [email protected] factor 59 Auxin Affects Aux/IAA Proteins Experiment:...
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