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1-Introduction Figs BW

20 min and understand the material how evolution

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Unformatted text preview: w & study before class! ( ≤ 20 min) and understand the material how evolution work=pre-recorded lecture First Part of Lecture: Traditional lecture, covering more advanced aspects of the topic. ( ~ 30 min) Second Part of Lecture: Problem-solving, application, recent research, group discussion. Similar to Q&A sessions. This part is optional. ( ~ 20 min) Expectations & Obligations Instructors Students 1. Make course interesting, relevant, challenging 2. Be available 3. Improve pedagogy 4. Grade fairly: GPA 3.4 3.2 3.0 1. Understand course policies (see syllabus) 2. Work very hard 3. Recall & understand everything from BISC 220/221 4. Take the quizzes responsibly 5. Read text in advance 6. See advice on front endpaper of text 7. Teach and learn from each other 2.8 '04'05'06'07'08'09'10'11'12 13 5. Encourage higher-level learning scenario. case history. hard question. 3rd time: read physio text, go to lecture, listen to recording Teaching & Learning from Each Other Form Study Groups Engage in Q&A Sessions Credit: Ani Kolangian / Daily Trojan Use Bb Discussion Forums In 2012: 779 posts in 162 threads ! Participate in Class Discussion Homeostasis via Negative Feedback homeostasis via negative feedback : maintenance of relative consistenc...
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