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All thing in the body fluctuate to certain range

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Unformatted text preview: y of the internal environment. All thing in the body fluctuate to certain range. Negative feedback is way to maintain homeostasis. -this diagram is about how body respond to dehydration through negative feedback, as shown in maintain blood volume/blood pressure, and osmolarity in face of dehydration. - See Fig. 20-13 Physiological Control Systems: General Features 1. Homeostatic mechanisms are tonically active phasically v tonically. set point is the target of regulation 1. tonically (whole system is constant), constantly active, not brief. keep things in range. if things happen, system shift to go back to normal 2. "set point"=ideal range in which parameter should be control within. that setpoint itself is subject to regulation. when need arise, those change do not occur by fiddling with individual pathway. change occur by changing the set point, so system can come back to homeostasis to the new set point. ex: temperature: chemical raise body temperature to new set point. 3. there's not one mechanism to control something. even like blood level have multiple mechanisms. the system is related. 4. do not think the mechanisms as passive, waiting for things to occur. there ar...
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